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Special Tools
some custom-made productions by Durme

fresa speciale

Helical Brazed Cutter

Brazed helical cutter with carbide inserts for making holes and

Fresa a T in metallo duro

“T” Cutter

Solid carbide “T” cutter for joined hollow grooves.

frese hss e mdi


Rolling tools for carrying out hollowed toothed shafts for cold shearing on “GROB” type machines.

Alesatore in metallo duro

Solid Carbide Reamer

Solid carbide reamer for finishing holes.

Fresa per metallo

Solid carbide end mill “UGV” with 2 flutes

Solid carbide end mill “UGV” with 2 polished cutting edges  for aluminum and light alloys processing.

utensili speciali da taglio


High-tech “QUICKSTEP” cutter for high-performance processing on titanium (Ta6V) and similar.


Cylindrical Cutter

Solid carbide cylindrical cutter for carrying out profiles on fittings.

Utensile Tangenziale

Tangential Tool

Tangential tool for plunge turning processes.

Fresa per alluminio

Contour Cutter

Continuous contour cutter for making shaped profiles.

fresa metallo

Circular Tool

Circular tool for plunging processes on complex profiles on internal parts.

utensili speciali

Helical Cutter

Helical shaped cutter to create radius profiles.

frese speciali

Counter-bore Cutter

Counter-bore cutter for carrying out stepped shaped holes.


High performance End Mills

High-performance end mills with internal cooling lubrication holes for specific deep-groove applications.


Roughing End Mills

End mills for an increased removal of roughing chips from deep holes.

Fresa mdi

Dovetail Cutter

Convergent corner cutter for the creation of corner walls.

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