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DURME, a leading italian company in the production of standard and special cutting tools

DUR-ME is a leading Italian company in the production of cutting tools for turning, milling, boring and drilling, specifically for aerospace, automotive and special machining sectors. The company produces tools of various kinds in all types of metal, allowing it to reach production standards of the highest level. We are also able to design and produce cold rolling and shearing tools for gear machining.
DUR-ME was founded in 1961 in the plant at Bevera di Barzago, as a producer of “Made in Italy” cutting and turning tools.
During these 57 years the constant research and continuous technological innovation have allowed DUR-ME to meet the many requirements customers have, developing new systems for processing, designing and producing cutting tools. Thanks to the long experience that DUR-ME has in the sector, it is now one of the few productive companies based in Italy that only procures externally for the purchase of raw materials. All of the other processes are carried out internally by highly qualified technical personnel.
The cutting tool design team has more than half a century of experience behind it and there’s only one thing that hasn’t changed over the years: the desire to experiment and propose innovative products, developing every specific request, even from the most demanding customers.


To comply with its philosophy, DUR-ME works in a context inspired by “customer satisfaction” with continuous checks made on materials and workmanship, guaranteed by the most modern analysis and verification techniques.
Our production range is very wide and ranges from the production of standard tools for all types of applications up to the design and manufacture of special tools.

The materials used range from cobalt steel to steel synthesized from powder metallurgy to tools in carbide, which may be integral or brazed.

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